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Out of speakers came noise and out of noise came RICK RUDE. A four-membered creature whose tattered robe, four-string guitar, and sand-filled shoes are surrounded by a haze of sweet smoke and empty beer cans, thrashes about with a charismatic enthusiasm matched only by its lethargic demeanor, speaking fluently in the cryptic languages of dreams, love, and ennui. It inhabits a dark cave on the mountainside of truth, carefully furnished with dismantled electronics, books on meditation, and warped records of Guided By Voices, Built to Spill, and Cheap Trick. A nocturnal creature, Rick Rude feasts on mystical fungi, boredom, mushy guitar riffs, and the delicacy of the human soul.

Sam Hill is a 3-piece sludge band from Dover consisting of Nate Laban, Jason Lara, and Cam Gunn. They are a cross between a doom and a stoner band with many sci-fi fantasy themes, created lore, and of course... the devil. All members of the band have been playing locally, regionally, and nationally for 20+ years.

One might call River Sister's genre of music, indie folk, reminiscent of Rising Appalachia or My Bubba with homage paid to the beauty of the sparse and a cappella. However, River Sister often moves its impressive rhythm section from background to foreground, sharing jazz inspired grooves with notable complexity. 

Kingdom is a hip-hop civic collective helping engage the community in nurturing talents while helping others, and having fun. What started as a casual alliance among local emcees, who shared frustrations on the booking business, quickly grew into a powerful, positive experience uniquely different than typical rap shows.

The Nihco Gallo Trio embraces the "sampling mentality" that has characterized much of jazz since the rise of hip-hop music. Trying to push beyond playing the jazz standards, the vibraphonist's energetic group cross-fades between recognizable tunes from the realms of jazz, soul, classical, and modern beat music, often in quick and unpredictable succession. The whole experience relies heavily on the taste of local bassist Scott Kiefner ), and Boston drummer Zak King, both of whom have their roots not only in jazz, but in metal and hip-hop. 

The Po' Boys are doing their part to spread the greatest music on earth around their home in New England and when touring, throughout the rest of the country. The Soggy Po' Boys serve their jazz messy, mixing brass-fueled mayhem with spirituals, Meters-style old-school funk, and the Caribbean side of the New Orleans tradition.

Mary Dellea lives just down the road from Rock Maple Woods . She plays guitar and sings songs from the bluegrass, folk and old timey song bag. With bass, banjo, fiddle, electric guitar and drums, these tunes may make you want to dance, cry, have a beer or maybe all of those things. 

 Kid Coyote is the musical brain-child of musicians Clara Berry and Joe O'Neill. The two met in college when O'Neill asked Berry to sing on an arrangement of Radiohead's 'Nude' for a percussion group. O'Neill then joined Berry's existing band, Clara Berry and Wooldog. As time went on the musical dynamic between them grew into an undeniable personal dynamic, and eventually they moved in together.


The name Kid Coyote represents the collaborative nature of their music-making and a departure from Berry's singer-songwriter style. Berry's silky vocals, indie-inspired melodies and electronic riffs root themselves in O'Neill's acoustic grooves bringing their sound somewhere between alt-pop and electro-pop. Lyrically the subject matter runs the gamut but, says Berry, "the words need to fit the music".


When they aren't playing venues throughout New England they can be found busking on the streets of Boston and making unique covers of their favorite songs on youtube. And when they aren't doing anything musical at all they can be found in the woods.

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